February 10, 2016

Doyle shows little enthusiasm for Lawton

Governor Jim Doyle can’t seem to muster much enthusiasm, for the candidacy of his lieutenant governor. Doyle, who’s never been close with his lieutenant governor, was asked to comment on the accomplishments of Barbara Lawton over the past eight years. “I think it’s been quite visible,” Doyle said Wednesday. “The lieutenant governor has worked hard on the arts and on a number of other projects, and she’ll put those credentials against whoever is in the race.”

How much time do potential Democratic challengers to Lawton have, to decide to enter the race? “It really depends who it is. . .what resources they already have ” said Doyle. “This is a tough process, and I guess I probably know this better than anybody.”

And, is Doyle recruiting anyone to challenge Lawton? “I’m not the recruiting agency,” he said. “I mean people will make their own decisions.” Thus far, Lawton is the only declared Democratic candidate to succeed Doyle.

Doyle said he has “second thoughts all the time,” regarding his decision to not seek reelection. “The way I deal with that is, I’m working really, really hard, and I’m going to continue to work hard for the next year and two months, and then, you know, Democracy works. The people of Wisconsin will choose a new governor, and I want to be helpful to whoever that person is.


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