February 12, 2016

Putting stimulus greenbacks into green projects

Wisconsin business, environmental, labor and elected leaders gathered in Madison to highlight local plans for federal stimulus money aimed at creating green jobs and making properties more energy efficient. The Clean Energy Roadshow was held Tuesday at the future location of Fontana Sports, a landmark outdoor retailer which is retrofitting a space to be more green.

The city of Madison is getting $2.4 million in federal stimulus dollars for similar projects however Gil Sperling, Special Advisor at the US Energy Department, says government funding only goes so far.

Gil Sperling (:56)


Rosemary Wehnes of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Sierra Club hopes to “share the success of stories from the Madison experience with other communities around the state of Wisconsin.” The opportunity for similar projects around the state was echoed by Cory McGovern, Field Representative for Local 464. He says the effort to weatherize homes to be more efficient could create 6,000 full time jobs over the next decade.

The Clean Energy Roadshow, a multi-state, multi-city national tour that also stopped Monday in Milwaukee where State Representative Cory Mason spotlighted his “Wisconsin Sustainable Jobs Act” meant to coordinate use of federal grants.

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