February 6, 2016

Ziegelbauer reelected as Independent

Among incumbents who kept their Assembly seats is Independent Bob Ziegelbauer. Ziegelbauer said he’s humbled to continue serving his constituents. “Running as an independent in a partisan race is not an easy thing to succeed at, but the people who know me and who’ve supported me in the past stuck with me in an unusual race and an unusual situation,” said Ziegelbauer, who’s represented the 25th state Assembly District since 1992.

Ziegelbauer, who has also served as Manitowoc County Executive since being elected to that post in 2006, defeated Democratic challenger Kerry Trask. “We stood for what we really believed in, and at this point it wasn’t what the public wanted to buy,” said Trask. “I have no regrets.”

Ziegelbauer admitted there will be some ‘tough sledding’ ahead getting Wisconsin back on track. “We’ve had so many years of going in the wrong direction, and it will take some heavy lifting, there’s no question about that,” said Ziegelbauer. “There are going to be difficult choices to make, and challenges. I can’t wait to get to work. I’m chomping at the bit, and unbelievably excited about the opportunity to do good work and make important progress for the people of our state.” Andrew Wisniewski’s name appeared in the ballot as a Republican, although he did not campaign and was not endorsed by the Manitowoc County Republican Party.

Damon Ryan, WOMT

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