February 10, 2016

Hopper speaks for first time since recall

For the first time since results were verified in a recall election that unseated former State Senator Randy Hopper, he is talking about the election. In an interview with KFIZ, the radio station he owns, Hopper said if collective bargaining and the state budget were the focus of this past summer’s recall election, he would have stood a better chance of being reelected.

The Republican, who represented the 18th State Senate District, said attacks on his personal life were an easy target and that he had nothing to do with the hiring of the 26-year-old woman who became his girlfriend. Hopper maintains she had all the political experience and credentials for the job including experience working on the McCain Presidential campaign and for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner.

Hopper said for his part he ran a clean campaign both in 2008 and this past summer, but was probably outspent by his opponent and special interests by $3-to-4 million in the recall election.

Although the recall efforts were portrayed as being grassroots effort, Hopper said there was a well organized push that included the campaign arm for President Barack Obama, Organizing for America.

If given the chance to do it all over again Hopper said he would still vote for ACT 10 – which limited collective bargaining for public employees – and still support the State Budget.

Bob Nelson-KFIZ

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