February 9, 2016

Wildfire risk in Northwest Wisconsin

The DNR is concerned about a fire danger in northwest Wisconsin after an 11- acre wildfire in a remote area north of Grantsburg kept state wildfire crews busy Sunday.

The counties of Polk, Burnett and Washburn are especially at risk. On Monday the fire danger rating in the counties went to “very high,” today they are at “high.”

DNR forestry team leader Bob Hartshorn says there was a fraction of an inch of rain last night but more precipitation is needed to counter the dry conditions.

For the time being no fires are being allowed in the region even for those who possess burning permits.

The agency is also cautioning people to ensure that hot mufflers on ATVs and other back wood vehicles do not come into contact with dry grass or combustible materials, to make sure all smoking materials are extinguished, and to slurry fireplace wood ashes with water before disposal.

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