February 11, 2016

Young job hunters need to grow up

Fall commencement brings a whole crop of college graduates into the workplace but with them comes a sense of “entitlement.”  That’s according to Laura Kestner, Director of Marquette University Career Services. She says employers tell her that many young candidates have an “entitlement attitude rather than the attitude of ‘I need to start at the bottom, I need to put in my time, I need to have respect for authority.'”

Kestner suggests to those interviewing or just starting a new job, follow the workplace protocol. This may include limiting your texting, instant messaging or Facebook activity.

She adds recent grads who’ve already completed an internship are often more mature in following workplace etiquette.

December graduates may face less competition for positions compared to their June counterparts. However Kestner adds some companies are not looking to hire around the holidays.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:07)

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