February 13, 2016

Retiring senator shakes up Capitol

Wausau Republican Pam Galloway is resigning from the Wisconsin State Senate due to family needs. In a statement, she says, “My family has experienced multiple, sudden and serious health issues, which require my full attention.”

Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald reacts to the news. “This goes back to actually this winter … two separate members of her family are dealing with some really difficult health issues. I was just glad and pleased that she found a way of staying in the senate all the way through adjournment yesterday.”

Galloway’s official resignation (as of midnight tonight) leaves the Senate tied 16 Republicans and 16 Democrats. Considering there is no majority, there is no longer a majority leader. Monona Democrat Mark Miller, who is currently the minority leader, and Fitzgerald will lead the chamber together.

Fitzgerald says, “I plan on meeting with Senator Miller next week … we’ll kind of work through what decisions we have to make for the state senate based on the co-leadership kind of relationship that will exist for the next couple of months.” However, the Senate has adjourned its session, so it could be a moot issue.

The recall election stands, even without Galloway’s name on the ballot. Fitzgerald is confident his house will keep the seat. He says it’s Republican seat — Judge David Prosser, Governor Scott Walker, and two Republicans in the Assembly won that district. Those two representatives — Jerry Petrowski and Mary Williams — are also possible candidates to replace Galloway.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:40

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