February 8, 2016

GAB may review candidate challenges

More work is in store for the Government Accountability Board. The Board will meet next week to address the issue of six candidates who’ve filed as Democrats to run in the May 8th recall primary. Reid Magney with the GAB said the semantic definitions fall along partisan lines. “The Republicans call them protest candidates or place holders, and the Democrats call them fakes,” he said.

Milwaukee attorney Jeremy Levinson maintains the phony Democrats are committing election fraud. He’ll have until 4:30 p.m. Friday to file those, and the candidates would then have until 4:30 Monday to answer the challenges, with the board meeting Tuesday to consider the matter and make decisions.

Magney said that – as with so much of the recall process – the board has no prior decisions on matters like this, to refer to. So-called phony Democrats ran in previous state Senate recalls, but were not challenged before the GAB. The candidates have registered in 4 Senate elections, as well as governor and lieutenant governor.

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