February 7, 2016

Jesse Jackson Jr. calls for Ryan recall

Illinois Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. tells Wisconsinites, once voters get done recalling Governor Scott Walker, they should set their sights on Congressman Paul Ryan. Jackson was in downtown Racine Thursday for a rally of roughly 100 opponents to the Republican budget plan forwarded by Ryan.

Jackson, a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, says the CPC has a budget for everyone in the US and takes a “balanced approach to eliminating unnecessary programs.”

The 17 year House Democrat says under Ryan’s plan, the rich and big corporations would “make out like bandits.”

AUDIO: Jackson bashes Ryan’s spending plan (:21)

Jackson also bashed Ryan’s plan for tax cuts and Bush administration tax cuts, policies he claims lead to more debt while failing to create jobs.

Ryan says the GOP plan puts Americans – not government bureaucrats – in control of their own lives.

In a style similar to that of his father, Jackson also stopped just short of saying there’s a racial undertone to the Republican-led Congress’ treatment of President Obama.

Tom Karkow-WRJN

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