February 8, 2016

New laws aimed at protecting crime victims

Governor Scott Walker stopped in Eau Claire Monday to sign four bills designed to create new protections for victims of crime.

The first measure acted on by the governor allows judges to treat committing an act of domestic violence in front of a child as an aggravating factor during sentencing. Walker says it’s important to consider the traumatic impact that assault has on the victim and any child who may witness the crime.

Another bill signed by Walker allows victims of domestic violence and stalking to change their identity confidentially. Current law requires name changes to be published in the local paper three times.

A bill increasing the penalties for making false 911 calls or for using the number to report non-emergencies also made it to the governor for his signature.

The final bill expands an existing law against impersonating a peace officer to include firefighters, emergency technicians, and first responders.

Each piece of legislation signed by the governor had previously passed with bipartisan support.

AUDIO: Mike Ness reports (1:17)

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