February 9, 2016

Revoked hunter couldn’t say no

A Crawford County man who just couldn’t stop hunting has been convicted on various poaching charges from 2010. The charges stem from Tyler Gray hunting deer and coyotes after his licence was revoked in 2009. Warden Mike Nice, one of the investigators, said Gray told them “he could not give up hunting.”

That year Gray was convicted of twenty counts relating to shooting deer from the road. Wardens began receiving reports almost immediately that Gray was hunting again. Nice said that’s not unusual. “It’s very similar to individuals who find themselves revoked with their drivers license, and become repeat offenders.”

This week Gray was convicted in Crawford County of eight more counts, including hunting after revocation and using another hunter’s back tag. He was fined more than $3.000 and will be ineligible to get a license until 2018. In addition, a reciprocity agreement blocks him from getting a license in 32 other states.

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