February 7, 2016

Shawano Street butcher sentenced

A 35-year-old New London man convicted of first degree intentional homicide will spend life in prison. Waupaca County Circuit Judge Phil Kirk delivered the sentence Thursday, dubbing Chad Magolski “the Shawano Street butcher,” with no prospects for rehabilitation.

Magolski stabbed 77-year-old James Park, Jr. to death in New London in December of 2007 because he needed rent money. Charges were brought in the case last May, after the state attorney general’s office took over the case.

AUDIO: Judge Phil Kirk (:33)

Prosecutor David Wambach emphasized the gruesome nature and sounds of the crime when asking for life without parole. Wambach says Magolski was able to “plunge the knife again and again into James Park,” who was found with wounds in his neck, chest and abdomen

The defense raised no argument during the sentencing hearing, and Magolski declined to give any statement of remorse. An appeal of the conviction is expected, according to defense attorney Troy Nielson.

Jack Barry, WDUX

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