September 1, 2015

Supreme Court passes on Voter ID

The state Supreme Court will not take up a pair of lawsuits currently blocking Wisconsin’s Voter ID law from being used at the polls.

Two Dane County judges had issued separate injunctions stopping the photo ID requirement in cases brought by the League of Women Voters and the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP. The Department of Justice appealed both of those decisions, with the court of appeals asking the state Supreme Court to directly hear both cases. In separate one-page orders released Monday, the Supreme Court denied those requests. The decision sends both challenges back to the appellate courts.

The decision came on the same day testimony started in Dane County court for one of the lawsuits challenging voter ID. The NAACP claims the law is unconstitutional because it places an unreasonable burden on voters who lack a state-issued photo ID card. The trial is expected to last all week.

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