February 6, 2016

Walker raises $13 million

Governor Scott Walker heads into a recall election with a massive war chest backing him up. During the most recent reporting period running from mid-January through last week, Governor Walker raised $13 million to help campaign against efforts to remove him from office.

Walker received 125,926 contributions, with about 76-percent of those for $50 or less. Since January of last year, Walker has raised $25 million and the campaign says it finished the quarter with $4.8 million cash on hand.

Campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews says the totals show the strong grassroots support for Governor Walker’s bold reforms and plans to move Wisconsin forward.

The state Democratic Party referred to the totals as “13 million pieces of silver” that show the governor can raise “vast piles of cash to obscure his dismal record.” DPW Chairman Mike Tate argues “money does not vote. The people vote. And it is the people of Wisconsin who will win victory over Scott Walker on June 5th.”

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch reported raising $540,000 during the same period and had $424,000 cash on hand.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, two of the Democratic candidates for governor had filed their reports. Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk raised $977,059 and Secretary of State Doug La Follette reported contributions of $118,087. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and state Senator Kathleen Vinehout have until midnight to file their reports.

UPDATE 6:28 p.m. – Mayor Barrett reported raising $830,000 during the recent fundraising period, with more than $750,000 of that total coming since he announced his candidacy 25 days ago.

UPDATE – Senator Kathleen Vinehout filed a report Monday showing she raised $44,000 during the recent fundraising period.

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