February 9, 2016

Women’s group slams bills signed by Walker

Legislation signed by Governor Scott Walker is criticized by a women’s advocacy group. Sara Finger with the Wisconsin Alliance for Womens Health expresses disappointment in the hand Wisconsin women have been dealt by the legislature and the Walker administration. “Instead of a jobs and economic priority from the state legislature, we’ve had a series of bills introduced, passed and now signed into law, that really turn back the clock on women’s health, safety, wellness and economic security,” she said.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60)

Bills signed by Walker include legislation prohibiting so-called “webcam abortions,” and requiring doctors perform physical exams prior to performing abortions. Other bills prohibit coverage of abortions through plans sold through health care exchanges, repeal the Healthy Youth Act which mandated sex-ed curriculum in schools, and repeals Wisconsin Pay Equity Enforcement Law.

Walker’s office announced that he signed more than 50 bills.

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