February 14, 2016

Hovde ready to take on Tommy (AUDIO)

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde says he’s ready to take on Tommy. Dropping off his nomination papers at the Government Accountability Board on Monday, the Madison native who’s had a career as a hedge fund manager said he’s keeping his focus on the economy. “I’m talking about Wall Street and Washington, because crony capitalism is one of the problems that has brought our economy to this point,” Hovde said.

AUDIO: Eric Hovde (3:40)

Hovde was asked whether the GOP Senate candidate the highest profile, former governor – and Washington lobbyist – Tommy Thompson, is a product of crony capitalism. “I think anybody that’s spent their entire life in the world of politics and the world of lobbying is obviously part of that culture,” said Hovde.

Thompson has received the endorsement of former Florida governor, Jeb Bush. “Career politicians tend to go get other career politicians for endorsement,” said Hovde. “I respect Jeb Bush highly, and I’m sure Tommy’s happy with that, but I’m focused on the state here.” Hovde said he expects Thompson to gain the endorsement of the party at this weekend’s state convention in Green Bay. “But as we know by history, whoever wins the convention doesn’t mean you win the primary by any stretch.”

Thompson and Hovde are in a four-way race with Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald and former congressman Mark Neumann. The primary election is August 14th. The winner will face Democrat, U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin, in the November general election.

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