April 19, 2015

Impact of Obama statement limited

Wisconsin advocates for and against gay marriage sound off on President Obama’s support for it. It’s really not a change of direction for Obama so much as acknowledgment of what he obviously believes, said Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action, which opposes gay marriage. “This president has a track record of implementing aspects of his agenda at the federal level, such as a repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and some of the other 39 things he’s down to advance a homosexual agenda,” said Appling.

Advocating for same-sex unions is Katie Belanger of FAIR Wisconsin. “He’s already been very proactive about this issue, so from a policy standpoint, I don’t really see a major change from what he’s been doing,” she said.

Obama on Wednesday came out with his personal support for gay marriage – although he said the issue ought to be left up to the states. “We’ll see if he holds to letting the states handle it,” said Appling, noting North Carolina’s recent vote on a defense of marriage measure. “Either way, he is supportive of full recognition and respect for gay and lesbian couples,” said Belanger.