February 6, 2016

Mixed results for Mifflin Street Party

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says it’s too soon to tell if they can shut down the Mifflin Street Block Party in the future. Saturday’s eventful was relatively peaceful compared to last year’s gathering that was marred with stabbings and sex assaults. Although a fight did occur Saturday leading to someone being knocked out.

Roughly 400 people were arrested, an increase from last year as police were stricter about open containers of alcohol and trespassing.

Soglin says he was “glad it was more peaceful,” but was disappointed by the high number of violations. Mike Verveer, alder of the downtown district, is also pleased with the outcome. Verveer adds he was not surprised by the high number of citations as police had a “pro arrest” policy going into the event.

The most prolific person cited was Badgers running back Montee Ball. Police gave him a $429 ticket for hanging out on a porch belonging to someone who didn’t want him there. 

John Colbert-WIBA contributed to this report

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