February 7, 2016

Rally calls for more school funding

Governor Walker’s education cuts and move to limit collective bargaining rights for most state workers was the target of a protest Tuesday at downtown Racine’s Monument Square.

Among the speakers at the “Go Red For Public Ed – Red School Bus Tour” was Angelina Cruz, a teacher at Doctor Jones School. Cruz said she got into the business to help others, and remembers the days when people would tell her they couldn’t do her job, but now it’s different.

“To attack public education is to attack the very foundation of democracy,” said Cruz.

AUDIO:  Cruz on teachers being demonized (:22)

Cruz said the budget cuts come in a time when funding is needed most as getting paper-and-pencils is more difficult, there are more kids on free-and-reduced lunch programs and she sees more homeless students.

Retired Racine Unified teacher Nancy Holmlund told the crowd, “we should not be balancing the budget on the backs of our children.”

Governor Walker has said his budget reforms allow school districts more flexibility to make cost savings.

The Wisconsin Education Association Council’s red bus tour of the state began last week, with the event in Racine including educators from Kenosha.

Tom Karkow-WRJN

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