February 10, 2016

Walker’s record breaking fundraising

The fundraising numbers are out and Governor Scott Walker has far exceeded his recall challengers, raising $25 million in the past 15 months, $13 million since Jan. 2012.  Conversely, the Democratic front-runners have each raised less than $1 million in that three-month span. 

Kathleen Falk, who entered the Democratic race first, raised $977,000, while Tom Barrett raised $831,000.

As far as money yet to be spent, Walker’s campaign is by far the strongest, possessing about eight times as much money on hand as his four Democratic challengers combined.

A watchdog group says Walker’s fundraising totals have never been seen before in any Wisconsin election. “We’re in uncharted waters here,” says Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Some of the six figure donations came from places like Arkansas and Nevada.  Walker each had two donors that each gave a $500,000 one of whom is from Wisconsin. Although Governor Walker only sets policy in Wisconsin, McCabe says there is a national agenda in which the Badger State can be a proving ground for the donors. “It’s about how these millionaires and billionaires nationally want to maneuver Wisconsin so it favors them across the country.”

In the latest three-month fundraising period, Walker’s campaign says 76 percent of the donations were $50-or-less, a sign of “grassroots donors” fueling the effort.

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