February 11, 2016

Ryan: Regulatory burdens create rigged game

House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan wants to remove barriers to free enterprise and economic growth. During a hearing this morning, the Janesville Republican laid blame on both parties for related cronyism.

“Over the years, both parties have pursued deficit-driven spending aimed directly at favored companies, tax-carve outs for the well-connected, and regulatory barriers that stack the deck against the average citizen,” Ryan said.

Rep. Ryan said pro-growth tax reforms contained in the House approved budget “ensure a level playing field for all to prosper.” He contrasted that with President Obama’s policies which “protect the entrenched at the expense of the entrepreneur.”

Rep. Chris Van Hollen was offended on suggestions the auto industry bailout was about crony capitalism. “It was about ensuring a critically important industry in this country had a reasonable opportunity to survive given the financial crisis going on around it,” said the Maryland Democrat.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a tax expert from the Cato Institute, a free market think tank, testified at the hearing.

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