February 10, 2016

Taking a closer look at income taxes

A special legislative committee is looking at possible reforms to the state income tax code. The panel of lawmakers will spend the next several months hearing from experts on taxes, which will be used to develop legislation that could lead to changes for taxpayers.

State Representative Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who is chairing the committee, says he wants to make sure Wisconsin’s progressive income tax is still working. The tax system was adopted in 1911, and Vos says “a whole lot has changed” since then. He says it’s probably in the best interest of the state to make sure it’s still working as originally intended.

Vos says he wants to have an honest discussion about the tax code, with the goals of having a tax system that is efficient, fair, and as uncomplicated as possible. He says it should generate the revenue needed to fund state programs and services, but not in a way that’s harmful to economic growth.

Any proposals coming out of the committee could be introduced and considered during the next legislative session.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:03)

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