February 12, 2016

Tallying record recall cash

It will be almost a month until the state knows how much money was spent in the recall against Governor Scott Walker. However, the head of one watchdog group expects the final total to be farm more than the previous record for a statewide election.

Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says, so far, they can account for over $66 million spent in the race between Walker and Democratic challenger Tom Barrett. Although, those numbers don’t include the final three weeks before the election held earlier this month.

AUDIO: Mike McCabe (:24)

The highest amount spent on a race for any state office before the recall was $37 million. When final figures are released in late July, McCabe expects the new record to top at least $75 million.

The advocate for campaign fundraising reform says both sides took part in the massive spending, with a majority of the money coming from people living outside of Wisconsin who could not even vote in the election.

John Colbert, WIBA

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