February 14, 2016

Duffy draws from Wisconsin mining bill lessons

The U.S. House has approved a bill to streamline the process to obtain federal mining permits. Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy was among those who spoke in favor Thursday, relating it to the debate that occurred in Madison last session with a Wisconsin mining bill.

Duffy represents a Northern Wisconsin district which houses the now-defunct mining project. Duffy said he and the locals love Lake Superior, and they would’ve pulled back on that process if the project would’ve led to environmental damage.

“Let’s stand together. Let’s streamline this process, make sure that were environmentally safe and we’re also creating jobs,” said the freshman lawmaker.

Democrats voiced concerns the legislation would weaken environmental laws. They offered up five amendments which were all defeated by the GOP-controlled chamber. Two Republican amendments were approved.

AUDIO: Duffy statements on House floor (1:01)

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