February 6, 2016

Lawmakers question election law enforcement

Following the recount in the 21st Senate District recall election, Republican state lawmakers say they have serious concerns about how election laws are being enforced.

In a letter to the state Government Accountability Board, GOP legislative leaders say problems that surfaced during the recent recount need to be addressed. State Representative Robin Vos (R-Rochester) says he’s outraged by reports of opened ballot bags being found, poll books not being signed, and improper proof of residency being used to register voters. Vos says many people across the state think “enough is enough.”

Vos says they want the GAB to reinforce the proof-of-residency laws for voter registration with county and municipal clerks, and stress the importance of making sure poll workers are properly trained on current election day procedures. He says it’s incumbent on the GAB to make sure clerks are doing the training that is required so there is not a repeat in future elections.

The Racine County clerk has indicated the mistakes were the results of clerical errors, and she will be meeting with municipal clerks to review election requirements and training methods.

The GAB has not yet responded to the letter.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:00)

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