February 8, 2016

Miller wants redistricting documents

A demand for redistricting documents. Senator Mark Miller, (D-Monona) wants a law firm to release documents relating to work done drawing new voting district boundaries. The work, by the firm of Michael Best and Friedrich, took place while Republicans controlled the state Senate under the leadership of Senator Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau). Miller claimed that fees paid to the firm came from taxpayer money, so the public ought to know what’s on file regarding redistricting.

“This bill was paid for with taxpayer dollars,” Miller said in a press release “The Senate Republicans have no right to keep these documents from the public if they are paid for with public dollars.”

Miller, who had requested the information from the law firm while he was minority leader in the Senate, made his new request on Wednesday, in his new role as majority leader. His letter to the firm asks for “all documentation, legal research, meeting notes and other materials” in the redistricting file.

Miller noted that Fitzgerald authorized paying the law firm another $31,000 in legal bills last week, just days before Democrats took control of the Senate on Tuesday. Michael Best & Friedrich received some $231,000 for redistricting work, including $31,000 which Miller noted was authorized by Fitzgerald last week, just prior to the Democrats assuming control in the Senate.

READ: Miller letter to Michael Best & Friedrich (PDF) 

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