February 5, 2016

Staying safe in hot weather

With another round of blazing hot temperatures on tap this week, state health officials are calling for caution. Temperatures in the mid to upper 90s for most of the week, with heat indices over 100, and the state Health Department is urging the public to take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion.

Dr. Henry Anderson, the state Health Officer, says the Wisconsinites should make to drink plenty of fluids, take cool showers, and spend the hottest part of the day in an air-conditioned space. The public is also asked to keep an eye on elderly neighbors and family members, to make sure they have access to cool conditions.

Anderson says heat exhaustion can set in quickly and become life threatening if not treated. Anyone experiencing dizziness, weakness, and fatigue is urged to cool off quickly and avoid strenuous activities. They should also seek medical attention if symptoms don’t improve.

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