February 12, 2016

Two fired in sheriff’s probe

Allegations of inappropriate behavior have resulted in several investigations in a Wisconsin sheriff’s department, and the firing of two staff. Alleged inappropriate conduct by several members of the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department is under investigation by the district attorney’s office, and the state Division of Criminal Investigation. Burnett County Sheriff Dean Roland has also launched an internal investigation. “Two staff were terminated last week, because of the internal investigation,” he said. “The DCI criminal investigation is not finished yet. We are still moving forward with the internal investigation, and additional discipline will most likely happen.” A spokesperson with DCI could not comment on whether or not an investigation is underway.

The investigations stem from a department member’s alleged involvement in two domestic abuse incidents in 2011. Roland said the allegations, and subsequent actions taken by other department members came to light in April, and were believed to be significant enough to notify Burnett County District Attorney Bill Norine. “You’re always innocent until proven guilty,” he said. “We want to make sure that everybody has a fair shot with the allegations out there.”

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