February 9, 2016

Audit: voucher schools not outperforming MPS

A new audit shows very little difference in test results between Milwaukee public school students, and students at state-funded voucher schools. The Legislative Audit Bureau released the results of comparisons between voucher and public school students in both 2011 state standardized test, and the state test from 2007.

 The auditors found that math scores improved at almost the same rate among both groups. Eighth-graders improved at the same rate in reading – but voucher students in the seventh-and-10th grades had bigger reading improvements than their public school counterparts.

Auditors could not conclude that voucher kids perform better than public students. For one thing, vouchers schools were not required to administer the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam until a year ago. And the audit said many youngsters transferred between the two systems during the time period that was studied.

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