February 9, 2016

Firefighter accused of assaulting teen in ambulance

A southeastern Wisconsin fire captain is accused of assaulting a young woman while riding with her in the back of an ambulance.

37-year-old Jodin Froeber of Somers has been charged in Racine County with second degree sexual assault. According to the criminal complaint, Froeber responded to a call at the Trefoil Oak program center in Somers in July of last year in his personal car, where a 17-year-old was having a seizure. He accompanied the teen to a Racine hospital in the back of the rescue squad.

During the trip, the victim claims Froeber put his hand under her shirt and bra, raising them up. At one point, she believes she heard the shutter of a camera or cell phone. She told investigators she was unable to open her eyes because the seizure and medication she was given made her tired.

Froeber has been released on a signature bond, but was ordered not to be involved in transporting individuals. He is on administrative leave from the Somers Fire Department.

Janet Hoff, WRJN

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