February 8, 2016

GOP races comes down to experience

On policy issues, the four Republicans seeking the GOP nomination for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race have few disagreements. Each argues it’s essential that Congress repeal the federal health care reforms passed under President Obama and that we should cut taxes to help the national economy get back on track. Each candidate is unique though in the experiences they bring to the race.

Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald has touted his leadership in the Legislature as a key factor in why voters should pick him on Tuesday. During the debate over collective bargaining, Fitzgerald says he was among those who decided they would do whatever it takes to get the state back on track. He says that battle tested leadership is exactly what is needed in Washington right now.

Businessman Eric Hovde says his years working in the private sector will be valuable in Washington. Hovde says he’s built many different companies and created hundreds of jobs. He also argues that he’s not in the race to satisfy some need to hold political office, but because he wants to do what’s best for the country.

Former Congressman Mark Neumann says his political and business experiences are strong assets. Neumann says he’s the only candidate who has spent 30 years in the state creating jobs and four years in Washington D.C. fighting to balance the budget.

Given their similarities, former Governor Tommy Thompson says there’s really one question that should matter on Tuesday…who can defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin in November? Thompson says he’s the only candidate to win a statewide race, which he did five times during his time as governor. He says Republicans must win in November, and he has the best chance of accomplishing that goal.

Voters head to the polls tomorrow, August 14th.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:26)

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