February 5, 2016

Gov and VP candidate R texting BFFs

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says he and newly selected vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan regularly send supportive text messages to each other. “Paul was personally very supportive throughout my campaign. A lot of it is making sure he takes the time to get some sleep, eat right, to draw his family in near.”

Walker and Ryan both grew up in southern Wisconsin, sharing similar roots. Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney selected the Janesville native just last week to be his running mate.

Walker says he’s been sending little nuggets of personal encouragement, and some campaign advice, to Ryan for a while. “Occasionally I send him scripture; I had an interesting one this morning.”

The governor says he sent Ryan encouraging texts earlier this week when the congressman was heckled in Iowa at a campaign appearance at the state fair. Walker says Ryan had been very supportive of him during the recall effort against the governor.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:14

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