February 7, 2016

Lawsuit aims to stop wolf hunt

(Photo: DNR)

Environmental and animal rights’ groups are suing the Wisconsin DNR to try and stop Wisconsin’s upcoming wolf hunting season. Central to the suit, filed in Dane County court, is the wolf hunt allowing the use of hunting dogs.

The groups called upon some experts to back up their cause including Dick Thiel, a retired DNR manager. Thiel says there is “irrefutable” data that shows wolves and hunting dogs in a confrontation will result in injury and death to the dogs.

“Wolves are very good at killing things,” says Thiel, adding much of this has been the result of bear-hunting dogs coming into areas where wolves are protecting their young. Otherwise, he says wolves pose very little danger to dogs and humans.

Plaintiffs include the Wisconsin Humane Society, Dane County Humane Society and National Wolfwatcher Coalition.

“We are disappointed with the reported news of a pending lawsuit,” DNR spokesman Bill Cosh says in a statement. “We are now in the process of reviewing the documents that we received late on Wednesday afternoon, August 8.”

Meanwhile, the wolf season is proving to be extremely popular with more than 8,300 people having applied for just 2,000 available permits. The agency is accepting wolf harvest applications until Aug. 31.

AUDIO: Brian Moon reports (1:03)

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