February 13, 2016

Mixed feelings on Medicare

Wisconsin voters have widely differing opinions on how to handle the future of Medicare.

The latest Marquette Law School Poll asked whether the federal government should keep traditional Medicare in place or switch to a system where money is moved over to private insurance providers. Of those responding, 55 percent preferred keeping the current system, while 38 favored moving toward some type of private system.

Poll director Charles Franklin says responses changed dramatically when people were asked if Medicare should stay the same or if a massive overhaul is needed. On that question, 55 percent said major changes are required while 37 percent thought the system should continue as it currently operates.

Franklin says the responses shows how candidates might focus in on the issue during the fall campaign. He says they represent the very different perspectives on what people want to see continued and what the federal government can afford to keep spending.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:03)

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