February 8, 2016

Mrs. Obama stops in Wisconsin

The country’s first lady makes a campaign stop in Milwaukee for her husband’s bid to serve another term in the White House. Michelle Obama tells the crowd of about 2,500 supporters at Bradley Tech High School to never underestimate the power of one.

Obama asks everyone helping the campaign to inspire one more person to join the fold. “That could be the one that puts this election over the top.” Bring a friend to a campaign event, Obama says, knock on doors, make phone calls, or take someone to the polls on Election Day.

Mrs. Obama says it will be a long, hard journey with plenty of “twists and turns” along the way. But she says that’s how change happens. It might not happen in our lifetimes, but maybe in our kids’ lifetimes, or just maybe in our grand children’s lifetimes.

“Milwaukee, are you in?” Obama says, “We’re gonna need every last one of you.”

Obama mentions the usual talking points: healthcare, jobs, taxes, education, and the American Dream. “We believe that in this country everyone should do their fair share. That means that teachers and fire fighters shouldn’t pay higher tax rates than millionaires and billionaires.

After the campaign stop, Mrs. Obama was scheduled to meet privately with family members of those injured or killed earlier this month at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek. The nation’s first lady also met with Wisconsin’s first lady Tonette Walker.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 2:04

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