February 9, 2016

New route to a teaching license

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is offering a new path to become a licensed teacher. DPI’s said the License Based on Equivalency offers a new pathway to a teaching post in a K-through-12 classroom. The requirement of a bachelor’s degree remains in place, but applicants with three years of teaching experience, perhaps in a private school, work place training center, or child care center, will be able to provide evidence of their expertise and become eligible to receive a license to teach.

“If a person has at least three years of teaching in some capacity . . . and yet they don’t have a Wisconsin teaching license, this is the route that will help them get there,” he said. “Having a well-prepared and high-quality educator in the classroom is one of the most important factors driving improved student achievement. We want to create career opportunities and at the same time ensure students have great educators in the classroom,” said DPI Secretary Tony Evers.”We know there are people who have completed college, have work and content area expertise, and would like to share their knowledge by becoming teachers in our public schools.”

The length of that decision-making process will vary, depending on the individual’s qualifications. A new website provides all the information prospective teachers will need. Gasper noted that with many teachers expected to retire in the next decade, the need for new teachers should remain fairly constant.

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