February 14, 2016

Paul Ryan spends day in Janesville

An emotional Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan speaks at his hold high school in Janesville for a Send-Off rally. “You know, I think I recognize just about every face in this room.”

Ryan touts midwest values and tells the crowd that it’s important to recognize the hard work of individuals who wake up early and take risks to build their business. “I look around this room and I see an entrepreneuer there; I see an entrepreneuer there; I see an entrepreneuer there; I see a business leader here; I see a job creater there; I see a job creater there. Every where I look, there’s one right there, too.”

He says when people are successful in business, that’s a good thing. That’s what makes America grow. Ryan credits small business leaders and entrepreneurs for making America strong; he says the government didn’t build it, business leaders did. “They don’t need their president telling them that the government gets the credit; they need to know that we know that they built their businesses and they get the credit.”

Ryan defends his hunting tradition and church obligations. He also promotes his party’s ticket, saying it’s not just about picking a leader for a few years, but picking the pathway for America for a generation.

The GOP convention in Tampa has been delayed by a day due to tropical storm Isaac, so Ryan is spending more time at home. Ryan will officially accept his party’s vice-presidential nomination on Wednesday. Several dozen protesters demonstrated outside the high school gym entrance before Ryan’s arrival.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 1:34

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