February 11, 2016

Reactions to Ryan as VP pick

There is no shortage of opinions about Mitt Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as running mate. The people out-and-about in Ryan’s Southern Wisconsin district this weekend exhibited a range of views.

“My vote for Romney didn’t need to be solidified but I just think Ryan will do a wonderful job for the country,” said Jane Paulson. Meanwhile, an Obama supporter admits Ryan is a good pick, “I think he’ll get a lot more votes off of him than the Marc Rubios…” said Wendy Jacobsen.

An office manager is critical of Ryan’s austere budget plan: “I’m going to 65-years-old in November; I’m not thrilled with anything he’s doing,” said Katherine Kirk, who believes defense spending should be cut rather than “tampering” with Medicare and Social Security.

This concern about Ryan’s budget is a popular criticism among Democrats, whereas Republicans praise the plan in its attempt to keep entitlement programs from running out of money.

Marquette University Political Scientist John McAdams says, up until now, Romney had been focusing his campaign as a referendum on President Obama’s economic performance. McAdams believes the addition of Ryan will re-shift the campaign to an ideological debate about government’s role in society, as either a conservative or liberal approach.

Mike Clemens contributed to this report

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