February 9, 2016

Republicans complete their convention

The Republican National Convention has wrapped up with a week of speakers from multiple ethnicities. Rick Baas, an African-American delegate from Milwaukee, disputes the criticism the GOP is not a place for blacks.  He calls that the “plantation mentality,” all minorities should support certain policies or vote a certain way.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on the ‘great society’ and we’ve watched the black community come apart,” says Baas, adding it’s important to question these ineffective outcomes despite massive spending.

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s budget plans include reforms to entitlement programs which have been a major source of criticism against him and Mitt Romney.

Ryan, who hails from Janesville, is among Wisconsinites that have been in the spotlight this week. He joins Kenosha native and RNC Chair Reince Preibus, and Governor Scott Walker who is heralded for surviving a recall challenge.

Although Baas is excited to have these leaders sharing their ideas to the country, he speaks nostalgically for the time when he could “go right up” and talk to them at events: “I haven’t seen Paul Ryan all week except for when he’s on stage.”

Next up, Democrats hold their national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina next week.

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