February 12, 2016

Tammy versus Tommy in US Senate race

He hasn’t been on the ballot in 14 years, now former Governor Tommy Thompson finds himself running against Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin for the U.S. Senate seat that’s being vacated by Herb Kohl. “I believe so much in what we’re gonna accomplish. We’re gonna balance the budget. First we’re gonna pass the budget.”

Coming in second in the GOP primary election, Businessman Eric Hovde graciously concedes to the four-term governor and former U.S. Health Secretary. The political newcomer pleads with everyone to get involved, and stay involved. As for him… “This is the end of my political career.” He was interrupted by a supporter in the crowd, “I hope not.” Others joined in to express their disappointment. Hovde says, though, he’ll continue to fight. “Look, I will continue to be a voice out there very loud and very firm and do whatever I can do for our country.”

Former Congressman Mark Neumann loses his third statewide campaign, but sincerely says he’ll do everything he can to support Tommy, and Paul Ryan in his Vice Presidential campaign. Neumann is calling on all of his supporters to do the same thing. “Tammy Baldwin is someplace out to the left of Barack Obama in Never Neverland, and we just absolutely have to have Tommy Thompson beat Tammy Baldwin this fall. What do you think?”

In his concession speech, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald says Tommy will beat Tammy. “The way we took Wisconsin back, we are gonna take our country back.” Republicans have not had control of both U.S. Senate seats in Wisconsin since 1957.

Baldwin is challenging Thompson to participate in three debates before the November general election.

There were two congressional races on the ballot. In the Dane County area, State Democratic Representative Mark Pocan defeated Kelda Roys in a bid to fill Baldwin’s 2nd District congressional seat, and Republican Tom Petri easily kept his seat in the 6th Congressional District. There were also state legislative and county primaries around the state.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report 2:17

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