February 10, 2016

The appeal of business-minded politics

Political newcomer Eric Hovde fared pretty well in the U.S. Senate primary Tuesday, coming in second just behind seasoned politician Tommy Thompson. Marquette University Political Scientist Julia Azari says the public finds hope in a businessman like Hovde being able to reform Washington. She cites Ross Perot in the 90s and the “brief glimmer” of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. “I think because of the skepticism of government this is a more popular view,” she says.

Azari says in an executive position like president or governor, there is more potential to make those changes. However, these reforms are difficult to implement in the Senate, as it’s a very “slow-moving” body of 100 members, structured by committees and headed by party leadership.

Thompson emerged with 34 percent of the vote, with Eric Hovde in second place at 31 percent, followed by Mark Neumann at 23 percent, and Jeff Fitzgerald finishing with 12 percent.

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