February 14, 2016

Wolf hunt attracts big interest

(Photo: WDNR)

The state started accepting applications on Wednesday for Wisconsin’s first wolf hunt. Already, demand is exceeding the number of permits that are expected to be issued for the October 15th to February 28th season.

As of Thursday afternoon, Scott Loomans with the Department of Natural Resources says 3,277 people had applied for a permit. Licenses will be awarded using a lottery system, with only up to 2,000 being issued for a hunting season that has a quota of 201 wolves.

Loomans says those that apply this year will still earn preference points, which can improve their chances in future lotteries. Those who know they will not be able to hunt this season can still apply to earn a preference point. About half of the permits issued in future lotteries will still be given out to random applicants.

The cost to apply for a permit is $10. In-state residents who win the lottery will pay $100 for a license, while those from outside Wisconsin will pay $500.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:08)

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