February 6, 2016

A closer look at hand washing habits

It’s the most effective means to combat infection and illness, but Jon Dommisse with the Wisconsin-based Bradley Corporation says their latest “Healthy Hand Washing Survey” shows Wisconsin residents are not doing a great job when it comes to washing up.

The survey found about 66 percent of Wisconsinites wash their hands regularly after using a public restroom. That compares to about 70 percent nationally.

Dommisse says many people are just in a rush and figure they will do it the next time they are near a sink. However, with cold and flu season coming up, the behavior could increase the risk of spreading or catching those illnesses.

The Centers for Disease Control says we should be washing our hands, with soap and hot water, for about twenty seconds. Dommisse suggests singing the “happy birthday” song twice while scrubbing up.

The Menominee Falls based Bradley Corporation makes commercial wash fountains. The online survey of 301 Wisconsin adults was conducted August 1-3, 2012.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (1:04)

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