February 13, 2016

A push for preparedness

Severe storms in the state earlier this week show an emergency can pop up at any time. Todd Pritchard with Wisconsin Emergency Management is urging families to take a few minutes to talk about how they should respond when the worst happens.

Pritchard says “it doesn’t cost any money” and takes just a little bit of time to discuss what should be done if there was an emergency at home or in the community.

The agency has a form on its website to help with the discussion. Pritchard says it’s important to bring up issues such as what to do if a disaster stops you from getting home, so family members have an idea of how they would be able to stay in touch. Planning ahead for a long-term power outage can also be useful in the event of damage from a severe thunderstorm or blizzard.

AUDIO: Todd Pritchard (:08)

With the winter months coming up, Pritchard says it’s also a good time to make up emergency kits. Having items like non-perishable food, flashlights, and a wind-up radio can be useful in the event of a power outage or dangerous winter storm. He suggests making one for the car and one for home.

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