February 6, 2016

Barca anticipates Obama’s speech

A top Wisconsin Democrat and delegate at the party’s national convention is anticipating the presidential speakers’ messages this week. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca believes former President Clinton “will point out the differences” between the candidates while President Obama “will lay out the vision.”

Barca says four years ago, “our country was in one of the biggest economic messes since the Great Depression,” and he believes Obama will emphasize how things have gotten better and will continue on that path if he’s re-elected.

AUDIO: Barca on Obama successes (:23)

The Kenosha lawmaker also believes that despite this year’s political turmoil in Wisconsin and all the campaigning, there will be a renewed focus on the November elections.

Republicans are also in Charlotte, North Carolina, holding events to emphasize how people are not better off than when Obama took office.

Tom Karkow-WRJN contributed to this report

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