February 6, 2016

Biden goes on the attack in Green Bay

As Democrats prepare for their national convention in Charlotte, NC this week, Vice President Joe Biden paid Wisconsin a visit as part of a multi-state tour.

During a stop in Green Bay Sunday, Biden criticized Republican nominee Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan for proposing the same failed policies that created the economic problems the nation is currently facing. Biden says Republicans are espousing a “social policy right out of the 60s, a foreign policy with echoes of the Cold War, and the economic policies that brought us the great recession.”

AUDIO: VP Joe Biden (:14)

Biden says the Republican ticket offers nothing new or different, just the same polices that put America’s future in jeopardy. He says Americans already “know the end of this movie,” and it ends in lost jobs, homes, and wages. He says the tax break polices being pushed by the GOP will only hurt the middle class.

Biden told the crowd that their very standard of living is at stake in the upcoming election.

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