February 12, 2016

Gathering in the spirit of Fighting Bob

Progressives are gathering for the annual Fighting Bob Fest. The last year has been busy for the movement, most notably recall elections which didn’t go the way of Governor Walker’s opponents.  Jackie Henning, a festival organizer, says the recall created “momentum” for her side and this event will address other aspects like the so-called War on Women.

Henning says the fest will give people a “collective voice” to express how they feel in the wake of a number of Republican policies.

Henning adds all political parties are welcome and there will be an official presence by the Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties.

Breakout sessions will address climate change, mining, and the collective bargaining law. Speakers include Phil Donahue, Mahlon Mitchell, Jim Hightower, and Congresswomen Gwen Moore and Tammy Baldwin.

The fest kicks off with a rally tonight and most events taking place Saturday.

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