February 9, 2016

Jones has no problem with Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers apologized to James Jones after criticizing him for his errant route that led to a Rodgers interception in last Thursday night’s win over the Chicago Bears.  But Jones said the apology certainly wasn’t necessary. 

Jones said disagreements amongst teammates are common.  He said a football team is a family and every so often families are going to fight.

AUDIO: James Jones said disagreements are going to happen :20

Jones said the Packers offense is struggling a bit and players are trying to make plays.  When it doesn’t work, frustration kicks in.  Certainly, he said people shouldn’t be questioning Rodgers leadership.

As for the offense, Jones feels they’re close to getting back on track.  He also said he believes the deep passing game is coming soon.

AUDIO: Jones said the Packers offense is real close :20

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