February 14, 2016

Lab explosion injures teacher

A high school teacher was injured in an explosion Monday in Dane County. Stoughton Schools Superintendent Tim Onsager said a teacher injured in a lab suffered burns to the palm of her hand and has been taken to a hospital. Onsager said the teacher was conducting a routine experiment, showing students a chemical reaction, when there was a quick flash of fire. The veteran teacher was adding a very small amount of black powder to a beaker and a spark ignited.

A significant amount of smoke filled the classroom, where there were about 25 students. Onsager said some of them were coughing or had headaches and were exhibiting signs of smoke inhalation.

As precaution, all students who were in the class were taken to Stoughton Hospital. All are expected to be okay. The school contacted all parents and guardians of the students in the classroom.

School officials elected not to call in a Haz-Mat team. All other classrooms in the school are conducting class as normal. Stoughton is about 20 miles southeast of downtown Madison.


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