February 12, 2016

Local governments want shared revenue restored

The League of Wisconsin Municipalities is calling on the state to restore $48 million in shared revenue that was cut in the last state budget.

Municipal leaders are asking the governor and the Legislature to redirect some of a projected $126 million surplus in tax collections back to their communities. League Executive Director Dan Thompson says the additional funding will allow them to invest in the services and infrastructure necessary to grow their economies.

Thompson says the request is based on a resolution the League passed at its last convention, where members agreed to ask for funding levels to be restored when tax collections increase as a result of job creation and economic growth in their communities. He says additional revenue being collected by the state right now is the result of the growth they are seeing, which taxes their resources even more.

Thompson says approving an increase by mid-November would allow communities to reduce property tax bills that will go out in December.

Governor Walker’s office declined to comment on the request.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:05)

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